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We’ll be your coding stunt double.

Employ a BitBuild team, or a single developer. Integrate best practices and methodologies into your existing workflow and experience dramatic improvements to your overall efficiency. We’ll tackle your tough problems with a smile.

We’ll integrate with your existing team, adopting your processes as our own, while providing over a decade of development expertise and insight.


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React has grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. Of course our engineering staff here at BitBuild has kept pace perfectly! Let us help you with your React project!

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Microsoft’s flagship application development platform for web, mobile, desktop, games, and IoT provides power and flexibility to your development objectives. We are .NET experts who can help you build at your best!

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Without a striking and clean presentation, your site or app will fall flat. We have years of solid experience to help you shore-up your presentation layer with cutting-edge, standard-compliant styling.

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Speaking of a great presentation, you need flawless markup to go along with great styling. We can help you construct a solid structure for your app or site.

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Angular is one of our strong suits. Having produced multiple applications with this powerful framework, we have the experience to help you too!

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With this powerful language, BitBuild will bring life to the vision you have for your website or application. We can deploy javascript builds to iOS, Android, or the web, maintaining a single code base.

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Git is the cornerstone of any organized development effort. With our help, our team can integrate with yours seamlessly. Your code will be clean and portable in no time!

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It was Ruby on Rails that made the MVC paradigm a mainstream development approach. Rails continues to be a great solution for a range of app environments. We’ll take over your existing app or build you a new one.

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We’re experts with Laravel. Having developed enterprise-level solutions using this framework, we can help you find solutions to code the apps of your dreams.

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PHP is one of the mostly widely used technologies on the internet. It powers sites like Facebook and open source softwares like WordPress. Contact us today for help with your PHP project.

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MySQL is as prevalent as any web technology. BitBuild offers MySQL integrations, optimizations, and architecture consulting and implementations.

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