Experience and Versatility

We can take any development challenge and turn it into a success for your organization. We’ve crafted solutions for great companies like Symantec, SIEMENS, Domo, and more! In each case, we provided consultative guidance to formulate a plan, set timelines, and delivered beautiful code.

BitBuild will work with you to understand your needs, and your customers’ needs to determine the best possible solution. We work fast, yet we’re careful to produce an outstanding result. To do so takes thoughtful preparation and skilled execution–both of which are core characteristics of our team.

We’ve Been Doing This For Quite a Long Time

The broad range of talent employed at BitBuild gives your organization the opportunity to unleash your teams greatest potential. Your existing projects will get done faster and we’ll help tackle those sticky issues you can never get to.

Employ the BitBuild team and methodologies into your existing workflow to see dramatic improvements to your overall eficiency. We’ll tackle your tough problems with a smile.

We’ll integrate around your existing team, adopting your processes as our own, while providing over a decade of development expertise and insight.

We Provide Expert Software Development Services

13 Ways to Win Outsourcing

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We’ve Built Some Cool Stuff

View our portfolio of incredible, world-class projects. We’ve worked with companies small and large. We’ll bend over backwards for you too!